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Wordpress 4.7, Woocommerce 2.6.9

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7.12.2016 вышел новый Wordpress 4.7. Неплохой обзор изменений на русском языке мне попадался здесь. Хотя он конечно неполный. Так, там ни слова нет про визуальный редактор кастомного CSS:
Custom CSS
Sometimes you just need a few more visual tweaks to make your site perfect, or a plugin adds something that doesn't quite look right with your site. WordPress 4.7 allows you to instantly see changes while adding custom CSS to give your site that polish (read more 1 and 2).
Может, получится теперь отказаться от дочерних тем?

Вместе с Wordpress вышел и новый Woocommerce 2.6.9. Вот список изменений в обнове:
2.6.9 - 2016/12/07
  • Theme - Added support for Twenty Seventeen Theme.
  • Fix - Excluded webhook delivery logs from comments count.
  • Fix - Included password strength meter in "Lost Password" page.
  • Fix - Order fee currency in admin screen.
  • Fix - Variation selection on Firefox 40.
  • Fix - Don't prevent submission when table is not found on cart.
  • Fix - Improved layered nav counts on attribute archives.
  • Fix - Fixed pagination when removing layered nav items via widget.
  • Fix - Default BE tax rate.
  • Fix - Downloads should store variation ID rather than product if set. Also fixes link on account page.
  • Fix - Use wp_list_sort instead of _usort_terms_by_ID to be compatible with 4.7.
  • Fix - Only return empty string if empty for weight and dimension functions.
  • Fix - Added correct fallbacks for logout/lost password URLs when endpoints are not defined.
  • Security - Wrapped admin tax rate table values in _escape to thwart evil CSVs an admin user could upload. Vulnerability was discovered by Fortinet’s FortiGuard Labs.
  • Dev - API - Only update categories menu order and display if defined.
  • Dev - Fixed when should deliver wp_trash_post webhooks.
Как я понял, основные изменения - совместимость с новым WP и небольшие фиксы, глобальных же перемен будем ждать с WC 2.7 (обещают на начало 2017). Так ли это? А то мой бэд инглиш...
Кто уже обновился? Как полет? Или лучше подождать уже до понедельника?
Последнее редактирование:


хммм..... на wp4.7 вчера прилетело, да,
а вот woo2.6.9. как-то еще не добралось до меня.....


2.6.10 - 2016-12-22
  • Fix flat rate no class costs when no shipping classes exist.
  • Fix returned REST API coupon expiry date.
  • Fix reviews_allowed being set to false in Rest API.
  • Fix sales date series for some custom ranges.
  • Fix missing attributes when an option is chosen by default on variations. This was the result of a Firefox 50 compatibility fix. In order to support both Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge we've done some refactoring of the variation add to cart scripts.
  • Updated Geo IP API services.
  • Added support for WP VIP/VIP GO GEO IP headers.
  • Dev - API - Throw error messages when product image ID is not a valid WordPress attachment ID.